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Starbound Server!

Chris a posted Mar 30, 14
I have setup a Starbound server for us to all use.
You can connect at: mc.2g1m.net
There is no password.
I don't think you will need it client-side, but we're also running this mod.

Please use a new character when joining, as character with late-game items is no fun for everyone else.

amh7912 Whoever the jerk was that dug straight down at spawn: not cool.
Geaibleu24 Hem i dont know if the server is up but i am not able to connect to it.

Forge Updated!

Chris a posted Mar 16, 14
I have updated the Forge server mod pack.  I've removed a lot of mods that made people un-able to play on our Forge server.  This version of the mod pack should be able to be played by everyone.  If you have any issues please report them on our Forge server sub-forum.

Before reporting any issues, please make sure you have done the following first:
- Update your Java to the latest version (Use the offline 64 bit installer if you are on a 64 bit computer!)
- Update your video card drivers.
- Make sure you can run Vanilla Minecraft on your computer in the first place.

You may need to clear out your 2Girls1Minecraft folder if the updater doesn't properly do it for you.

Warning: All block ids have been changed, back-up any single player worlds you may have.

Cloud When I was playing the forge server i tryed to attack/break things and it did not work So, I wents to the controls in th ...
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Espeon89775 What about our stuff?

Forge server online!

Chris a posted Jan 3, 14
Visit our sub-forum for Forge to download the launcher and play!
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comictownboy could someone please tell me what the server address is please
comictownboy pikachu


Chris a posted Dec 22, 13
Just a reminder that the gallery on the website has places for users to upload to.  As long as you are registered you can upload!  Anyone found abusing this will be banned.
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3 New Plugins!

Chris a posted Dec 21, 13
I've added 2 new plugins plus added a plugin we used to have.

The first one is a max HP plugin.  You can kill mobs to get XP that will add extra hearts as you level up.  Max a 40 HP bars.  The 2nd plugin is horse protections.  Put a saddle + sign into a crafting grid to make a horse protection.  And the last plugin is a End resetting plugin.  The end on the server will reset once a day now.

Update: Disabled the HP plugin as it's having errors with with Multiverse.  Will re-enable when I find a fix.
SimonRefs @ 2Girls1Minecraft
Can you fix the fact that now I only have 8 hearts until you re-enable the hp plugin?
are you gonna do a Q&A today
okay Im confused when I log on there is nothing but grass, Im told to read the signs but there are not signs?
Canu u help us cause now we all are starving and dying because of him and i would do a server ticket but idk how to work it
Chris someone on the server griefed 4 houses near spawn on the survival server. His name is JUSTKILL and hes got all of our stuff and just made a mess near the warp
we you gays ever come to wales???
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